Live that amalfi coast life Versa Negroni

Live That Amalfi Coast Life With Versa Negroni

Instant summer cocktails for your next socially distanced picnic

We all need a holiday right about now and although we’re spoilt for beauty when it comes to our beaches and parks, the usual picnic spread is getting a little mundane.

Enter Versa Negroni. Looking to add a touch of elegance to eating outdoors, they’ve refined the perfect recipe to transport you to you to that summer on the Italian Coast. 

Negronis certainly are having a moment this season, as potentially the perfect metaphor for 2020. They’re bitter yet sweet, simple but complex, and take you back to the basics while feeling fresh.

Personally, I sometimes find Negronis a little too bitter, but Versa Negroni are balanced to the slightly sweeter side, making them a smoother sip for summer days.

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