Introducing the Versa Cocktails Martini

Staying true to our heritage and fine Italian craftsmanship, we are pleased to introduce another family favourite, the VERSA MARTINIExpertly crafted with a mix of the finest quality gin and Italian vermouth, this classic dry martini offers a clean, crisp taste that pairs perfectly with canapés for your next cocktail hour.

Elevate your martini experience with our exceptional offering – the Classic Dry Martini. Crafted with the finest quality gin and Italian vermouth, this exquisite blend guarantees a clean, crisp taste that's second to none. As the proud recipient of the 2023 Melbourne International Spirits Competition Silver Award, you can trust in its unparalleled quality. Available in both 700ml and 100ml options, the Classic Dry Martini is versatile and accommodating. To savor the full experience, we recommend chilling your bottle for a minimum of 30 minutes, then building it over ice, stirring gently, and finally straining into a Martini glass. Elevate the presentation by garnishing with olives or a lemon twist. With every sip, you'll be indulging in the legacy of a distinguished classic.


Versa Cocktails Martini


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